Licorne Energy Houston (100% equity)

Licorne Energy helps small and medium size investors to identify, select, assess, acquire & detain oil and gas royalties with no difference and the same expertise as bigger owners.


Our offer is a competitive offer to what already exists on the market.

Benefiting from the extensive experience of our local partners in Houston, both in financial and geological engineering, we are constantly screening for the best opportunities for our clients to

invest with the fastest return on investment and better yield.

We offer our services all around the world no matter which nationality you are. We will facilitate you to get the best investment for oil and gas royalties in the United States according to your needs and your financial investment targets.


Our royalties investments model is unique, fair, and provide to individuals & corporate entities turn keys tailored made solutions.

Clero Holding USA (15% equity)


Is the ultimate outcome of Dr. Pierre R. Clero’s 40 years of carrier in cosmetic surgery and more than 10 years of research and experience in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Dr. Pierre R. Clero has traveled around the world to constantly discover and learn new techniques and methods together with famous surgeon and scientists. Dr. Pierre R. Clero is a pioneer always looking for the latest cutting edge new techniques and it is naturally that he got involve in the new paradigm of medicine that is regenerative medicine. To integrate under one structure his treasure of knowledge and his unique experience he founded CLERO HOLDING that in a holistic way associate beauty health and wellness to add years to your life and life to your years.

CLERO HOLDING is also an emerging competitor in the field. Registered in the United States and starts to give tough times to the competitors of global stem cell umbilical cord blood market. The industry holds a chain of several reputed aesthetic clinics spread in different part of the world including Qatar, Bahrain, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Philippines.

SYLINK France (GCC Exclusive Partner)



SYLink Offers Solutions for Securing Networks, Connected Objects and Enterprise Data through its SYLink AI Artificial Intelligence Patented Technology


Support and Secure the Digital Transformation of your Business by providing a Complete Protection of Low Level Networks, while respecting the compliance with the New Data Confidentiality Rules (RGDP) and Controlling your Costs


Securing Networks with Artificial Intelligence SYLink AI is an Intuitive, Agile, Evolutive and Polymorphic Solution

Threat Table: Global Network Visibility and Decision Support Tools SYLink AI Attack

Prevention and Resolution, Cost Controlled through the Upgradeable License: Features, Patch and Firmware updated in real time

Integrated SYLink SOC: Cybersurveillance, Digital Investigation, Answers to SD-Wan

Incidents natively included

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