Our services

Our services


International Business

Licorne Gulf is a bridge for international companies to set up their businesses or to enhance their activities in the Middle East.

Thanks to our strong network and existence on the local market since more than 17 years, we provide an easy acces for the market entry and trustable partners.

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Fundraising, Investment Advisory

Whether you are a start up or existing company looking to raise funds, go on IPO or looking for investors and open your capital, our experts can assist you with procedure. Moreover, we have a huge portfolio of VC and investment funds all over the world, facilitating investments and capital raising.

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EC Financing

European Commission finances certain type of companies according to selective criteria. Licorne Gulf can assist you in preparing your financial support request as well as submitting all necessary paperwork.

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Board Advisory

Our Board Advisory Service aims at assisting boards and their individual directors in providing answers to business critical questions. 

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Distressed Assets Funding

We target so-called distressed investments/companies going through a temporary crisis (e.g. need for internal restructuring, or debt rescheduling). This may involve companies going through insolvency proceedings.

On the investment side, we intervene in capital but also in debt (possibility of buying debt from banking institutions for example for companies in difficulty).

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Merging and Acquisition, Private equities

Our financial advisors can easily find you solution for setting up joint ventures, merger and acquisitions as well as sales of your company private equities. 

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Brand Awareness

Licorne Gulf guarantees visibility of your brand through our special rates with international media agencies with more than 500 different global publications. Contact us to get the best rates for your articles and announce your presence on the global market.

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Fast Track IPO/Direct Listing

Looking for a rapid growth and international development? We have a perfect solution for your business.

Contact our team for more details on this service.