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Alexandre Katrangi, The Doyen of Franco-Arab Deal Makers

Washington, September 18, 2019 12:45 AM AST

By Catalina Corea

Alexandre Katrangi, the highly regarded and consulted Investment Advisor & Strategist to Saudi Royals and Forbes fortune S/HNWI in the Middle East and Africa since 20 years, had invested and teamed up with the French owner of Group SFIT license holder of Thomson Computing products, Stephan Francais, who is also the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year; into a prominent platform integrated named Cryptoxygen.

New York Stock Exchange – Reuters - @2019

Alexandre Katrangi’s skill to create ventures and yielding investments through the Fortune 500 business world has seen his ventures in various countries such as Chad, Sudan, Congo, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as Nigeria, Paris, Monaco, Geneva, Miami, Moscow, Houston… to mention a few.

Its holding company, Licorne, which is based in Houston, as well as the Kingdom of Bahrain, has been an ardent forerunner in the fields of defense, energy, and technology.

In 2017, SFIT Group from France assisted by Licorne developed and launched all their Thomson Computing products within the Gulf cooperation council (GCC) as well as granted Licorne some financial merger and acquisition missions.

Cryptoxygen evolved from a new venture between Stephan Francais and his partners from Licorne Gulf, Irina Duisimbekova and Alexandre Katrangi.

Irina Duisimbekova & Stephan Francais at Gulf Prime TV studio – 2018 – Prisma

This first regulated European cryptocurrency and fiat/crypto multi-block chain trading platform will be directly integrated into Thompson Computing SFIT-branded devices. This will enable customer’s access the crypto services with the natural organic range of Thomson Computing SFIT users around the world.

This initiative would certainly strengthen the presence of Licorne Gulf within the block chains and Fin tech technologies, thereby attracting investors as well as increasing Katrangi’s portfolio of investors into a larger M&A scheme with future listing objectives.

Cryptoxygen OXY2 is based on Ethereum. It was developed on the ERC20 platform which comes with a simple ergonomic use. The frame of this development goes into the structure creation of this new industry.

We find several countries creating their own unique cryptocurrency whilst regulating the use of tokens.

States such as Ohio in the United States allow taxpayers to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency.

Also, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia have announced an agreement to co-operate on the creation of a cryptocurrency.

Riyadh 2018 – Reuters

Alexandre spent about 17 years in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain advising the wealthy and famous Members of the Saudi Royal family. This act of his granted him access to high potential leverage of direct investment from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, with the view of a worldwide expansion.

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