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"Motors Formula Team": the rising Motorsport and Automotive company from Monaco

New York – 21st January 2021 – Motors Formula Team “MFT” is the iconic one-stop motorsport agency and racing team based in Monaco and Mauritius that offers a large array of sport-driven and automotive with large success and expansion for the last past 5 years through their racing centric services including pilot management, coaching, training, motorsports consulting, communication, Simracing, advertising and event planning. MFT stands out in the motorsports industry by its commitment to diversity, which is in addition to benchmarking against industry standards, is at the very core of its strategy.

Motors Formula Team was founded in 2014 by Ludovic Pezé, a 29-year-old French-Mauritian (under 30) entrepreneur born and raised in Monaco.

Ludovic’s personal journey and gradual rise in the motorsport industry is a very compelling story that shows his tenacity and smarts, his drive, his fearlessness and willingness to go against the odds. Qualities shared by both by skilled racing pilots and thriving entrepreneurs.

He was born into a family where motorsport was the activity as his father worked for years as a mechanic in Karting, and historic competition and restauration in Rallye and F3 Classic. At a young age, he had the opportunity to visit the races, mingle with the drivers, run around the pits stops. This early exposure to car racing has incubated his passion for cars, racecar driving and motorsports.


MFT is proud to have teamed up with Licorne Gulf led by Irina Duisimbekova, Alexandre Katrangi and Romain Canot, to help accelerate its fundraising prospects and financial goals and to give its ongoing projects a major boost.

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