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OKP4- The Solution For Real-World Issues Facing Data

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2022 / --

Data is an objective and elementary description of reality, an observation, and facts intended to be processed and interpreted by men. And with the use of data, we are able to create information. Information is usually subjective, defined by context, and when we combine information, rules, reasoning, and experience, we create knowledge. And knowledge is the limiting factor to the common good.

Thus, in order to develop knowledge, we need data.

Data is a non-rival immaterial asset; it can be easily used and duplicated an infinite number of times without changing the nature or the quality. The production of knowledge from data is therefore theoretically infinite. However, today, trusted third parties coordinate and govern the data flux in the world.

OKP4 is a revolutionary public layer 1 specifically designed to enable communities to trustlessly share data, algorithms, and resources to build the Dataverse.

At OKP4, we strongly believe that knowledge is essential to the common good and that it should be accessible to everyone with minimum constraints. Thus data should be shared to multiply aggregations and contextualizations and create value-added and usable knowledge for organizations and people.

Though they have enhanced our lives in many ways, traditional trusted third parties have also created a dependency that limits us. The Web 2.0 value chain is based on providers and consumers that enrich platform aggregators with their data, without really getting much in return. The interests of all parties are not aligned and so it becomes an obstacle to data sharing. In addition, companies want to use Big Data.

They produce data, but they don’t know how to exploit it properly and they also lack technical skills and don’t trust the aggregators. Thus the data they contribute is not rewarded at its fair value.

However, this is where OKP4 comes in. The OKP4 protocol enables stakeholders to create Data Spaces where they can input their raw data without it being directly accessible to other members. Thanks to algorithms, new knowledge can be created by merging the data and extracting KPIs for all uses. The OKP4 protocol uses Blockchain technology to manage the sovereignty within the Data Spaces that will be sealed through Smart Contracts. And the KNOW token is the means of payment within the network. Furthermore, the whole system is decentralized since there is no dominant third party that dictates the rules. And thanks to the auditable, inviolable, and inclusive code of smart contracts, the authority is created by the community. And also, the decision-making is collective and the individual and collective interests are aligned.

Moreover, the OKP4 protocol has been designed to be open, decentralized as well as auditable, and the solution is based on 4 products:

1. OKP4 Blockchain (the layer 1 for data sharing)

A public blockchain protocol designed specifically to handle the complexity of trustless data sharing and value sharing - Decentralization and trust are guaranteed by the Tendermint Consensus & our native token $KNOW - An open-source network controlled by its stakeholders - A vibrant Smart Contract Hub powered by CosmWasm - IBC (Inter-Blockchain Protocol) enables seamless communication with other blockchains

2. OKP4 Ecosystem (empower the dataverse)

Anyone can plug their own infrastructure into the ecosystem and connect it through the blockchain. OKP4 ecosystem enables XaaS (anything as a service) and is Agnostic by design!

3. OKP4 Development Kit

It allows anyone to create and design Data Space with as much freedom as possible. For developers, data scientists, and communities at large: - Customize Data Space governance with no-code tools & templates - Build Apps from software to interfaces - Use or provide components & resources in the OKP4 Ecosystem

4. OKP4 Dataverse

User-friendly tools to share, contribute, benefit and earn. (wallet/browser extension, blockchain explorer, dataverse portal, catalogue of dApps, governance interfaces, etc.)

Overall, all sectors are concerned at different scales. B2B & B2C can share data to unlock new insights and opportunities for businesses and customers. Further, communities can leverage collective intelligence and crowdsource data and in both types of markets, we enable possibilities that were not accessible before OKP4. We invent our market in every sector where data is involved, whether it be Banking, Agriculture, Public authorities, E-retailing, Energy, Health, Industry / Mobility, Earth observation, Finance, or Supercharged open Meta, we are diverse.

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Julien MASSONNAT OKP4 Visit us on social media: LinkedIn

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