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How an Iconic Media & Capital Raising Investment firm leads Post-Covid Investments Strategies.

Los Angeles, 10th of November – Antonella Correa

Post-Covid’s imperative for companies to engage in digital media and capital raising/private investment in order to meet the challenges of 2021.

Alexandre Katrangi Romain Canot Getty @2020

Today, more than ever before, the coronavirus epidemic is pushing companies and their entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves in order to evolve serenely and project themselves in the short and medium term with the assurance of an injection of funds and partnerships.

During the previous times, companies increase their equity raising activities for adding cash to their balance sheets for dealing with the effect of ongoing tragedy on the operations of company, to help them meet up their expenditures and developments; and this is where Licorne Gulf, a reputed Capital raising firm based out of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, France and USA is changing the industry through their past client’s experiences and actual market approach.

In the actual Post COVID-19 pandemic, several firms tries to go for internal financial arrangements along with half measures actions to cope with the opex and cash flow to equip them with sufficient liquidity; which usualy last for a few months only such as a “morphine” injection…

Licorne Gulf’s Capital raising package and offers provides companies with a better chance for navigating through the period of crisis by helping them to offset the liquidity struggle, mainly to companies, startups, Series A or B to Family Business of Fortune 500 that are undergoing regular increase of the burden for retaining liquidity and improve financials.

But raising capital is not an easy exercise for an entrepreneur or a CEO, especially to meet the company operations that may come at a very high cost in terms of both the governance and financial and leads to dilution of current shareholders value.

Media relations have also totally changed with the advent of digital, mobile and social networks, the delinearization of media is disrupting and conditioning the flow of Internet consumption in all its forms and, even within the world of finance and investment, the “zoom in” of business meetings and the mass cancellation of international conferences and exhibitions leave many companies without real alternatives fast and effective.

It is therefore a before and after Covid 19; a new era is beginning; because following the confinements around the world, the public, as well as the actors of the financial world, have become more than ever dependent and bulimic on media platforms and vectors of reliable and real information to establish their investment grids and programs.

As a result, brands are often outdated, increasingly solicited and can no longer meet the demands and needs of their clients, shareholders and financiers which is the core of the attraction said Licorne Gulf.

“We are gradually entering the era of engagement marketing where only a win/win relationship between the brand and its audience is possible to develop brand preference and its attractiveness to private or institutional investors” commented Romain Canot.

Brands are becoming media, which is why today Alexandre Katrangi and Romain Canot with Licorne Gulf offers large companies a 360 degree packaging in the context of their search for investments, sale of partial or total capital and fund raising with a symbiosis of all types of audio, press and TV content as well as on all the distribution media necessary for their influence, whether for the general public or for internal distribution, with the ambition to offer a new media experience and investor deck presentation…

Objectives: relay companies values and federate your community, Adapt to their targets a customized content that will boost the act of buying and build customer loyalty and sustainability and better target their communications to present to potential investors a suitable company aware of the economic challenges of post-covid.

The Licorne Gulf Capital-Raising package introduces an unprecedented level of self-service dashboard configuration capabilities, shifting the industry norm of requiring users to submit a ticket for each instance of their flow views, which can take to Executive weeks, or months, to fulfill. In addition, capital raising teams will also now have immediate access to embedded analytics, with the ability to create new visualizations of data on the fly which can be immediately transferred to Licorne’s portfolio of investors for an accurate visualization of the offer.

“We always clearly encourage companies seeking for finance or capital increase or share sales to connect with us and open books totally” mentioned Alexandre Katrangi; “this would allow us to exlore their exact needs which can divert from their initial thoughts and assess the optimum solution to either inject cash into their structure, either syndicate investments with industrial or financial partner; both options coupled with market increase, brand awareness and developments.”

Over the past 25 years, Alexandre Katrangi and Romain Canot with Licorne Gulf, a Capital Raising firm and M&A with international presence in USA, Western Europe, MENA and GCC with headquarters in Saudi Arabia has interacted with and lent expertises to companies such as Financial Funds, French CAC40, Fortune 500, Energy companies, Saudi Royals, Sports & Racing companies, French Football Clubs, and more to name as credentials and clients satisfactions.

Romain Canot is an expert in communication.

Animator for 20 years, he works with the most important radio and TV media.

He is also a press journalist who masters the art of debate, conferences, sports events, people interviews and presents prestigious events.

He also uses his experience as a presenter / presenter in the marketing department and becomes a brand ambassador for events such as the Tour de France …

He carries out the marketing promotion of the brands on social networks with the creation of video content and photo shoots recently for Peugeot during the Cannes festival.

“This is an exciting time for Licorne Gulf despite the challenging global environment to which we all need to adapt and especially companies seeking for investments,” said Romain Canot; “We are rapidly broadening our customer reach and extending our package offer to our investors request, signaling a new phase of growth for our now more focused client base and the future one’s,” Canot, said.

A touch of art for investment industry to follow closely…..

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