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Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab countries boost Oil Investments in the US downstream through a Houston Le

Licorne Energy: Houston Leading Oil Assets Investment Company Houston, Saudi Arabia, BahrainRiyadh – 9th September, 2019 – The Arabian Gulf consists of seven oil-producing countries in what is geographically...Monday, September 9th 2019, 5:11 PM PDTLicorne Energy: Houston Leading Oil Assets Investment Company Houston, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

Riyadh – 9th September, 2019 – The Arabian Gulf consists of seven oil-producing countries in what is geographically South West Asia: Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Oman. These countries together cover an area of 5.4 million square kilometers (or about 3.6% of the Earth’s land surface) but their significance for the world’s oil economy is second to none. Of these countries, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE are also members of The Organization of Petroleum Exporting (OPEC).

Current estimates place the Arabian Gulf conventional oil at nearly half of the world’s proven recoverable crude. What makes these states so unique is the concentration of numerous giant fields in the region. With only 2% of the world’s producing wells, the Gulf’s output is over 30% of the world’s crude, highlighting its prolific fields. In addition, the region holds 40% of the world’s conventional gas reserves. Despite the best estimates, it is not exactly known how much oil and gas exist in the region and how much of it can be recovered in the future.

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The Arab states of Persian Gulf include four of the top eight oil-producing countries in the world and six of the top 14. Most oil production in the region is dominated by state-owned enterprises. However, many international oil companies engage in oil production and related activities across the region through joint ventures, production-sharing agreements and other business models.

One of such company is Licorne Energy. Based in Houston, Texas, Licorne Energy specializes in oil asset investments by purchasing royalties in oil or gas within the US, energy investments and projects, new technologies and petroleum commodities trading.

Licorne Energy and its 3 partners offers the investors to invest in several economic mechanisms in oil & gas field. One of its core investments are royalties in oil & gas that can provide investors with a fast return. “The royalty investment model of the company is unique and fair, and provides key tailored made solutions to individuals and corporate entities” commented Irina Duisimbekova, one of the Founders and active CEO.

Licorne Energy helps small and medium size investors identify, select, assess, acquire and obtain oil and gas royalties with no difference and the same expertise as bigger owners. The company facilitates the best investment for oil and gas royalties in the United States according to the investor’s needs and financial investment targets. It offers a fast return of profit, usually within 4-5 years, with 20-25% gross profit per year and monthly cash income after three months following the investment. “Basically, an investor invests in a physical production of oil or gas barrels and gets his/her quota of produced barrels per day sold by a market current price which gives him/her a monthly revenue with proportion of the size of initial investments,” mentioned Alexandre Katrangi.

Licorne Energy offers to its investors a large portfolio of investments in oil & gas royalties and also services that come along with this type of investment, from setting up a local structure based in USA, opening bank account, obtaining tax identification number, accounting services, legal services etc. Basically, Licorne Energy handles all the necessary administrative and legal stages that concern acquisition of an oil & gas royalty.

Alexandre Katrangi. Founder & Partner

“…in the last 3 years, our company has been providing its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) investors with a fast and double digit return on investment, as compared to classic investment where investor freezes money for 5-7 years or even more with a very low profit of 3-5%” expressed Irina Duisimbekova,  and  “Investors of Licorne Energy are able to reinvest and increase their investment portfolio through the support of Houston energy banks mechanism in allowing to borrow at an excellent libor rate to acquire more royalties…”

There has been an increase in oil demand since last couple of years. The capital investments have been quiet sluggish due to the weak oil prices which has affected the reserve replacements leading to demand of more production capacity for the market. All across Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) the Licorne Energy has worked to catch up with global oil demand. With the continuing growth of energy investment in GCC, Licorne Energy is playing a pivotal role along the government in the development of resources and infrastructure. The company has also been working closely with drilling and completion service companies to build out production facilities and water disposal infrastructure. 

The presence of Licorne Energy in Houston and in Gulf has led to a wide range of US based companies willing to invest in GCC. Company’s vast experience in GCC particularly, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia with Fortune 500 companies and HNWI investors, has made US Corporations to rely on it for identification and introduction of local partners to invest in. Furthermore, Licorne Energy has also developed relation with with several Houston oil & gas banks and final coal funds who are willing to study GCC oil and gas projects for investment.

The continuous increase in oil price might lead to tempting US producers to restart drilling and extracting. While at the same time OPEC member may try to reduce their production to preserve their market shares. Therefore, Licorne Energy is working to create a balance where an average between $50-60 per barrel would be maintained to benefit all industries as well as consumers and government.  

With its experience and credential Licorne Energy is emerging as a leading US-based company for oil and gas royalties. The company has maintained a major role in GCC as well as US. It has also successfully become the most trusted place for private investors looking to create a fast and increased return on their investment.  

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